Tocoin- New Micro, Small and Medium Innovations for business development

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Currently various platforms have been created that cover various aspects of life in order to facilitate us in living our daily lives. This happens because the development of Blockchain Technology which is growing rapidly and worldwide and is widely used in projects in the world. Those who use Blockchain technology implement smart contract systems to simplify and foster new innovations for their projects.

Blockchain based projects usually hold Crowdfunding to develop their projects. And there have been many successful projects from the IEO and STO ICO programs. Speaking of ICO, IEO currently has a new Blockchain-based project that has created a platform that will be a solution for small business problems until an industry called Tokoin is now at an ICO event but you have to know the project in full and what benefits will be given and how the strategy and the team will be. Regarding that, I will explain Tokoin completely and in detail. And hopefully Aeron can be one of your alternative choices in investing.

Tokoin is the solution for all of your businesses and provides solutions that you might get


Helping small businesses to achieve their potential by leveraging data. Face the real market. Tokoin provide a platform to build valuable partnership which will bring you into the engaging ecosystem consists of collectible business profiles profitable for business expansion.


About Tokoin

Well, Tokoin is a trading ecosystem highway of data distribution. By recording transactions on Tokoin, participants are all ensured a secure ecosystem of blockchain and tokens are used as a sign of credibility scoring. The partners will get the appropriate data, while users(as the downstream participants) benefit from access to business expansion and funding opportunities. The usefulness and reliability of Tokoin come in where the pathway provides a permanent record of information and transactions. Accuracy is guaranteed as every record is traceable and unchangeable. Tokoin looks to elevate economic growth by providing leverage and sustenance to MSMEs as the infrastructure of a country’s economy in the upcoming markets. Everyone of us, at a point in time, wants to be successful business owners and grow exponentially. Tokoin is definitely a trusted solution to most of MSMEs problems through establishing their reputation in the business ecosystem. Tokoin as a platform captures and processes business information from the user as a crucial asset which is a marker for the trusted reputation of the MSMEs.Users are hence able to get to inaccessible financial business services from providers that act as our partners. Tokoin bridges the gap between business and financial sectors to enable a scheme of financial incorporation. These partnerships will contribute to national economic growth.


Value Proposition

Tokoin: A trusted solution

Tokoin offers a trusted solution that can help MSMEs in solving the problems they are facing in three ways.

  • Building a Digital Identity for MSMEs that Represents a Valid Reputation
    Business profiles, activities, and buying behaviors are key elements for SMEs to generate valuable assets on Tokoin’s platform. Tokoin’s platform works by compiling data, starting from the KYC process, routine transactions, records of behavior, to the creation of credibility for Tokoin’s users.

  • Accommodating MSMEs to Utilize Their Data to Create More Funding Opportunities
    Tokoin provides a suitable technology infrastructure that records and manages data of transactions and leverage the data by putting value into them.

  • Providing Growth Opportunities for MSMEs by Bringing Business Partnerships
    Tokoin’s partnerships with various institutions allow users to access the services they need. On the users’ side, Tokoin will allow them to build their reputation and credibility by keeping track of their behaviors, so they will be able to reach any financial institutions for the purpose of business expansion. Meanwhile, financial institutions will benefit from an effective buyer acquisition process by attributing to the business credit reputation of Tokoin’s users.

The brutal fact is that there is no infrastructure for MSMEs to leverage their business by creating valuable data and digital assets to build a valid reputation.


A recurring problem for new or existing MSMEs is that they lack the capital needed to boost productivity. Because many MSMEs are dependent on labor-intensive operations (and not capital-intensive), the limitations of labor-dependent production have hampered their growth. Without the capital needed for business expansion, the economies of scale may seem unattainable for small-scale businesses that are struggling to stay in the competitive market. This can and will negatively affect Indonesia’s economy that is dependent on those MSMEs.


Tokoin finds an opportunity to create a trusted and reputable profile for MSMEs by assembling non-financial data from MSMEs, such as the data submitted in the KYC protocol to be developed into a Digital Business ID. All the business data from daily operations which are previously scattered will also be transformed into a Digital Ledger to strengthen the digital profile of each business and grant it a solid reputation.



Tokoin ecosystem consists of an order of arrangement to convey the experience of distributing values from one participants to another. Each participant holds a determining role in order to keep the ecosystem fruitful to every business involved. The interaction between Tokoin user and partners is enabled by the blockchain technology to ensure every participant with security to every transaction and a more trustworthy relationship, resulting to valuable partnership between every partakers. In the business activity of Tokoin. MSME as the data provider, submit their transaction data activity through Tokoin dApp. Tokoin process and validate the data into valuable asset. Partners can acquire the data by staking Toko tokens.


  • Reiner Rahardja: Co-Founder & CEO
  • Welly Salim: CTO
  • Eddy Christian Ng: COO
  • Niko Tanadi: Project Manager
  • Adi Darda Gaudiamo: Head of Creative
  • Ignasius Michael: Generalist Manager
  • Oktafia Putri: Community Manager
  • Mutia Anisa: Graphic Designer
  • Syifa Mutiara Putri: Event Coordinator


  • Tiago Alves
  • Dahlan Iskan
  • Engeline Tjia

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