Those who have no boundaries in mercy

in boundaries •  last month

This space I'm falling into is like how much space I'm in.
And there is no space in me, and it is ridiculous to claim that there is actually such a void. It just try to exist in the midst of absence and an absence

How much can I fill a gap? Why are you giving me this burden? Or how much of that space in me has filled me? I can fill this void just as long as you feel me.

But why don't you make it feel? They tell me you don't know how to feel. Yet at least they feel as much excuses as I am looking for. You seem to have left us in the gaps.

If I fell here, I was looking for you. Then I came to talk to you. Do you know what shaking your heart is? You have no heart, but you are said to have mercy in your mercy. I always imagined you like that. Or I don't know if I did.

How can you stand up to all this mercy and all the mercy?

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