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Just a couple shots of a hike i took up the Rincon mountains in Happy Valley Arizona this last december. Jenna the dog is standing on a giant boulder with a tiny bonzai manzanita tree growing out of a crevice.

Later on in the hike I found a nice streem oasis with plenty of boulders.

Caught the top of a century plant on the way back down.

More boulders.

This was the final sunset as i returned back to Benson later in the day. Happy #bouldersunday

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Canis-bouldous ruff ruff rock! lol
Looks like Jenna loves the view up high on the
boulder. Real beautiful photos @sketch.and.jam! :-)
Century plant flower must be the world's tallest
flower! Looks like a wonderful place to hike
around. Awesome sunset to boot!
Thank you very much for posting these fantastic
boulders for #bouldersunday! I sure enjoyed
seeing them!


The only problem with jenna is she is super camoflage in the desert colors. She also kept scaring quail on the trail so i couldn't get any good pics of them that day.

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Arizona has some great boulders! Wonderful photos!


Pretty much the whole state is like that. Parts of northern az are covered in forests though.

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You do have a good eye for pictures!
That landscape down there is rugged and beautiful!


I meet alot of michigan snowbirds over there, most people go there to escape the winter. I ended up doing the opposite.

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Fantastic and amazing photos...!!!!!!



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The photo with Jenna standing on boulder and the spectacular view is most awesome..!!


Shes a good hiking dog she can even carry a pack and is good about staying on the trail.

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