Boulder Sunday ❤

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Happy Boulder Sunday!

Waiting for the moon
to rise at the sister's.

Had it rose, it
would perch upon the
point of the jagged
boulder tooth.


Then the day
changed and the times
foretold to behold the
massiveness and the
nanoness of it all.


Nanoness is a
word! Now that cracked
up this ancient boulder!


This kaleidoscope
surprised me at it's coolness.


Then the fog
came in.

Clicking the photos makes them bigger
Click again zooms them in.



Show us your boulders

Large rocks are needed
roll them on over.
Must be your own photos!
Boulder location would be
great to know if possible.

Use the tag
#bouldersunday by @shasta
Then we can hunt them!



#fridaysrock by @nat-expressions

#rockhound & @rockhounds by @bitfiend

#ultraviolet #infrared by @solominer

#mineralmondays by @rt395

#mountainmonday by @keithboone

#shadowphoto by @melinda010100

#photocircle by @photocircle

#photofeed by @photofeed

#phototalent by @phototalent

#bouldersunday by @shasta

#lookingdown by @shasta


February 2nd 2019 11:47 PM Alaska


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- Ryunosuke Satoro.

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Thank you very much ❤ @phototalent! :-)

I feel the upper boulder will soon fall.


It would take a good sized quake to do that! :-)

nice boulder shot even with out the moon :)


Thank you Steven :-)

I agree...what a cool photo that would be with the moon in it. You have so many cool choices for boulder photos.


Thank you @nat-expressions! It sure would and
also the sunrise, it is the direction they would be :-)
Not to many live boulders to be had right now, lots
of snow!

Wow! Those are fantastic Boulders and even without the Moon that is a spectacular photo! resteeming


Thank you so much @melinda010100! :-)
It's been a super boulder day! lol

This is stunning!!! Thank you for sharing your photos with us! You must have stayed the whole day. Love the fog moving through!


Nice to meet you @mariannewest and thank you so much! :-)
Long days in the summer here, some folks camp out the
whole summer along the beaches. In the distance is some
tiny fish camps lol Many come for the fishing.


Nice to meet you as well. Wow. Camping out for the whole summer sounds somehow really good. Fisherman are dedicated to their sport (or food) all over the world 😄

Agree with others, cool shot even without the moon. Is that a red beach umbrella I see off to the right in the distance?


Thank you very much @rt395!
It is a fish float for nets or hanging
on side of boats and in trees! :-)
They come in different sizes, these
orange ones are good size, bigger
than a basketball. Picture below.


Good to know people aren't sunbathing up there in the middle of winter.

Is that an actual picture of the the float in your original picture?


Well, on some those long winter days when folks
way up north or south need some sun, it is known
to stand in front of some building wall facing
south, the sun can feel real good on the skin.
Soak up some much needed Vit-D. With no wind
it is really nice :-)

This float round photo here is taken from
another photo, but on the same day, facing
the other was was a ball close by and some
further out in the water. Might be posting
that picture soon on a future #mountainmonday
for posting lol

Amazing hanging boulder @shasta. It would be something visitors/tourists would like to see. U&R


Thank you so much @redheadpei! :-)
Oh it would attract a lot more if the road was
more accessible, as it is there is load of people
that drive down the beaches to find camping
spots, gets filled up looking during the fish runs
in the summer. Spring and Fall is a good time
for locals. Winter if you have a snowmachine,
helicopter or drone suit lol

I am speechless! Amazing photography and all of the extras are so cool looking. : ) #lookingdown? I have many for that new tag. : )


LOL Oh no you much speak!! :-)
Figured most my rocks are a looking
down activity haha

Need to get the 🐞 #bugday tag going ;-)

Thank you so much ❤ @whatisnew!


I knew it! That tag came from you looking down at rocks. LOL!

I plan on starting my new tag in a week or 2. It will either be #bugpub or #insectpub.


LOL rocks and now ice knobs! :-)
WhooHooooo I await your new tag launching!!

Now that's an interesting pile of boulders... You wouldn't catch me walking under there, I don't trust those boulders much! Wonder how long they've been piled up like that - since the last ice age?

I like your double round-with-ripples image. It makes me think I'm in a tunnel filled with water, looking out. That is so cool, and very creative! Voted and resteemed :-)


Thank you very much @keithboone!
You like my handy dandy portable culvert
telescope pipe for tunnel photos?? hehe
There has been several times the ice was
through here they say. Over a mile high.
Our snow recently is looking like the
start of another, highest I've seen it out
the door lol