#BoulderSunday - Trees growing on Giant Boulders on Lake Superior.

in bouldersunday •  16 days ago 

#bouldersunday ~ week 44 hosted by @shasta


Kayaking between some massive ancient boulders on Lake Superior Canada. Boulders make the best obstacle course when kayaking in the Big Lake.

I find it incredible that trees will grow from boulders in the middle of the lake when I cannot get a seedling to grow in 3 feet of topsoil.

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Fantastic @offgridlife
Exploring and kayaking around those awesome boulders looks like mega fun to me.
I am always...always amazed when I see trees and plants growing in the cracks and crevices of boulders.
Beautiful landscape photo !

Gorgeous boulders @offgridlife! Nice ripple reflections, must
be a awesome experience to kayak around the might stones!
Very cool with trees on top of the rocks, must be some yummy
minerals! Thanks so much for sharing! :-)