How cute it is with the pigeons 😍

Thanks! It was fun to watch them!

Bang, I did it again... I just resteemed your post!
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Thanks, Pix! I'm appreciating the photo token votes!

Beautiful photo of nature , boulders and pigeons. It’s been a while that I have seen a river. And I think I need a vacation.

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I am lucky enough to live beside a river.. I can sit at my desk and watch the water flow past. I get to feel like I am on vacation everyday! I hope there is a vacation in your near future!

What a beautiful view you have. I miss my paradise first home of my past life. I do have a comfortable home, but my desk faces a wall! I have to do something about that!

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One of the benifits of living alone is that I can arrange everything in a way that makes me happiest!

I know, right! I live alone too, with my furbabies: 3 Yorkshire Terriers!

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Do my birds and Chipmunks count as pets? 😁

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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I love these country boulder pigeons @melinda010100! :-)
Taking the rock route is better than getting muddy pigeon toes
along the banks lol Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos!

It did seem like it was their favorite Boulder!

These are really pretty pigeons photography.

Thanks! They did seem to like sitting on that Boulder!

I have never seen pigeons by the river in the wild. Only in the city by the ponds.

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They seemed quite happy there!

It's very nice pigeon photography, amazing

I can see why they love that rock. It has a nice incline to walk down to the water.

It seemed as if they had stopped there before!

Oh those are great photos and I don't think of pigeons as being in the country at all!

I was surprised to see them there, although I suppose there was a barn or other building not to far away.

That's probably true, they love barns. lol.

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