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Hello everyone!
while the market is in decline, I would like to talk to you about such a project as BotXcoin.
BotXcoin company engaged in the development of shopping bots, to work on all crypto-currency exchanges. Also in future plans to build its stock exchange BOTXPRO.
Increasingly, when working on exchanges, we meet trading bots, which, so to speak, do not always do their job as we would like.
Today, there are many companies that develop such bots, but due to poor funding it turns out a bad product! This company has all the available opportunities for the development of a truly unique product that can simplify and improve trading, while not allowing a negative impact on trading pairs!
In 2018, the market value of the cryptocurrency reached 200 billion USD, and the daily exchange reached 20 billion USD.
50% of this amount belongs to Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency in the world.
the remaining 50% belong to new projects, there are about 2000 in total.
Each project has its own original idea, its own concept, but not all of them can enter the world market, only a few companies were able to enter the world market with a volume of more than 1 billion.

The company also provided a loyal program for holders of its tokens, and receive passive income from it. Also, the owners of the affiliate program can use the trading bot to work on the top 5 exchangers around the world, what could be more pleasant than the free use of a professional bot ?


The work of the bot is in 4 principles:

  1. One exchange with three combinations.
  2. Combining more than two exchanges at the same time.
  3. Arbitration Association of two or more exchanges
  4. When trading on BotXPro is compared with the top 20 exchanges. And gives the best results.
    When working with three pairs at once, the robot will calculate the best offer, taking into account the transaction fee, and only then it will execute the transaction, and the trader will receive his profit! The same goes for the turnover, if there are no profitable offers or the price does not match, then the robot will not perform a transaction, and the trader will not suffer significant losses ! The robot will work for you 24 hours a day, even when you sleep, it will look for you the best deals !
    It will also be automatic search for the best offer among the various exchangers, and promptly notify the user !

The total volume of issued tokens is 5 billion. Created on the Ethereum platform, the ERC-20 standard is also supported.
the distribution consists of

  1. 40% for PreICO
    2)60% is the company's reserve.

The main purpose of the reservation consists of:
1.) exchange development and management.

  1. financing transactions in the future and increasing liquidity.
  2. payment of Commission for the affiliate program.
  3. AirDrop and Bounty.
  4. payment of the founder and consultants of the exchange development, and their further work.
    6)payment of the company.

As I believe that among the many competitors in this company has every possible chance to reach the top !
A modern product of high quality, intelligent Bot with numerous opportunities that will allow the trader to make a profit around the clock, an excellent part of the company that knows all the principles of work in this area, and will not allow the failure of its product, simplicity and reliability cause delight and complete confidence ! Personally, I will accompany You to the end !
Thank you all for your attention !

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