upvote curation bots are the mosquitos of steemit.

in botssuck •  5 months ago

What is this latest phenomenon of making a post and getting an auto response for no apparent reason. I want actual manual curation of my posts, not a automated equivalant of a robo call to give me a generic response. Where have these come from and who thought it was a good idea? Can someone explain the reasoning behind it? I would really like to know why the a-0-0 bot feels the need to upvote with a vote that is worth $0.00 at 0 minutes and respond with a response that will only get a flag. The vote will get you 0 curation because it is at 0 minutes. I just cannot understand why these were made and by someone that thought it was a good idea. If you are smart enough to know how to make them you should know that it is not a good idea to vote that quickly.

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