Got scammed by onlyprofitbot. Will oceanwhale do better?

in bots •  7 months ago

I've been looking at how to make money from bid-bots. Some neat little tricks I've found are below:

  1. Send 0.001SBD to @drotto, @speedvoter (etc.). As you can't get paid less than 0.001 (the minimum payout), you can't lose. Requires a lot of effort though, as steemcleaners pick it up when you spam a lot. 
  2. Bid for a guaranteed profit bot. Just make sure that the bid you're placing is unlikley to stretch their steem power to the limit (use to make sure that their upvote has sufficient value). Try @onlyprofitbot

I'm going to try @oceanwhale. I'll let you know if that goes better...

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How did onlyprofitbot scam you? Sometimes you can contact the bot-owner and they will remedy.. Worth a shot. I've had some bad experiences w bots, too; but, overall, they've made me a nice sum...


The name is a bit misleading, and I went off that – without bothering to read anything.


Lol classic misstep ;) . Been there.. Not that you asked, but, I will give you my "tip" for using bots. It has yet to steer me wrong. What you wanna do, is:

First, wait until a bot has around 3 minutes left until until it votes (last column on the right). This allows you to be sure that everything is in order, and hasn't gone haywire before giving it your money.

Second, take a look at the column entitled "Max Suggested Bid." This basically tells you how much sbd is left, over what users have bid, and under what the bot's vote is worth. In other words, if there is a positive sum here when the bot votes (this part is key) then the bot will be profitable. .

I also like to choose bots with "none" as its "max ROI." Some bots will cap you at a 10% return--why limit yourself??

So yeah, the higher the figure in the "max suggested bid" when the bot votes will determine how good of a return you will receive. This also requires you to pay attention to the minimum required bid bc, you don't want to be paying a "minimum" bid that's, say, 1 sbd, when the "max suggest" (remaining "profit") is only, say, 0.50 cents, right?! Right.

So.. yeah. Give that a try, if you like; lemme know how it turns out...


It's funny you mentioned that particular bot, too; I had literally just made a profit using that same one!! But it all depends on timing, etc. (see other comment). I have also lost money on bots that have since been profitable, but, this was before I had any kind of protocol to follow and was just randomly trying stuff.

You got a 10.51% upvote from @luckyvotes courtesy of @missioncontrol!