Using @echowhale bot is simple , you also get a free reesteem!

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How does our service work ?

send @echowhale any amount between .250-2 SBD/Steem

our team of 1-5 members will upvote your content depending on the amount sent.

In addition, a FREE reesteem will be given to each user of the service



On which % profit i will get.

It varies, Try it out

I am going to try it! Will we see what happens and report the findings for everyone, good or bad.

Sent 1 SBD. I got an upvote on the post of 0.985 STU and also 0.261 STU on a comment I made on that post. That is 1.246 STU for that post. If I have figured that correctly it is around a 25% profit give or take on that 1SBD I sent in. That is not including the 25% curation from the votes given. If I figured that correctly it will be about a break-even situation. I have not seen the free resteem yet that was promised in this post. If I am wrong please let me know!

Edit: Other votes are coming in from this bot. So if you want to try a bot give this one a try. It gives manual votes so have to be patient. In my opinion, it is good!

Let’s get this right . You received a reesteem from @babyechowhale (our team member ) it clearly states , “another team memeber will upvote shortly . Which will add on another 64 cents . Our votes are not instant

I saw the comment 2/2 and thought it was done. Not a problem, just misunderstood. Will wait and go from there. @babyechowhale has resteemed the post, not @echowhale. Which @babyechowhale as 102 followers.
Thank You!

He is our reesteem bot