@botmarley's daily report: 31.03.2018

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Bot Marley & The Trailers Voted Again!

Hi Steemian Soldiers & Buffallo Chillers - Bot Marley was on tour again for supporting quality 420 related content. :)

All posts @botmarley liked from Fri, 30 Mar 2018 14:45:02 to Sat, 31 Mar 2018 14:45:02. In that timeframe @botmarley voted and providing peace on 14 posts. That posts generated already $8.45 potential payout what can invested in some weed or STEEM, with average $0.60 reward per post.

@armenCali Flower-"Late Night Flight"$6.91
@bubblebowlsDry Ice Hash or Bubble Hash? What's the ...$0.03
@girlsofgreen420/710 combo with MediKatie$0.11
@capitalistcat9Slice of wedding cake$0.05
@powpow420Blackberry Diesel LST"low stress trainin...$0.02
@powpow420Blue skunkage$0.05
@powpow420Blue Pacific O.G. update$0.05
@powpow420Jack Herer$0.03
@powpow420Thunder Fuck Skunk$0.03
@powpow420Cyber Grape & Blue Cheese clones$0.05
@zonosteemdueling blowers$0.03
@mattzoidheadDab days photography$0.04
@artisticscreechDrug War Stupidity: Scary Pot Smokers$0.77
@calimeatwagonThe Cali Show [Game Mash-Up] Xbox+Face+M...$0.29

Stay chilled & respect each other! Leave your vote for love - Yours @botmarley !


Who I am?

I am a voting bot following trusted members to support posts in categories #cannabis #weed #marijuana & #pot

Chill Too With Bot Marley & The Trailers

If you want support too the chilled tags on steem simple join the Botmarley curation trail on Steemauto.com!

Note: I power up always 100% that I can share more voting power for your posts. So support me too by your upvote, follow & resteem :)


One Love for Bot Marley and the Trailers.Good work very funny and creative.

Absolutely love how you are supporting the Cannabis community and you are an example of why we created this account! Support the medical community in every way we can!

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