Being Herbivorous

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Hey there! I would like to begin my very first post as an introspection of why I have always had a preference for natural, herbal cures for all the minor ailments I've known over the past 40 years or so. The only times I've been to the doctor is when I was dragged off as a little kid

Imagine the lives of our ancestors during the prehistoric era. They would have foraged in forests, eating at least forty to fifty different plant based foods. Experimenting with a variety of leaves, roots, berries, barks, seed; without the foggiest idea that they were getting their daily dose of tonics for a fit and healthy life.

Over the years however, man became “civilized” and in his greed for power, lands, wealth and heaven knows what; destroyed much of the vegetation. Many species of medicinal plants have become extinct. Many city dwellers who would have liked access to all the varieties of food, would still have to settle for whatever their local grocer stocks. Man picked and chose to eat foods that tickled his fancy (tongue) to the point that he wasn't getting all the natural tonics. Moreover, he became distanced from the outdoors and spent a more sedentary lifestyle. Thus began the saga of his bodily woes as he began to suffer a variety of ailments.

So along came the doctors who set aside issues of diet imbalances and concocted their own medicines from all the known inorganic substances from the earth’s crust. Those scientists of course enjoyed playing God. Gods who were and are still learning and experimenting on any unfortunate entity that walks into their parlor.
Plants on the other hand, extract those same minerals from the soil; process them to make them more suitable for human consumption. They've been designed to soak up Earth’s goodness and transform it into the goodness that other life forms require for survival.

That is the synergy we need to recreate by going back to plants for our fitness regimes.

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