Working hard without being noticed? Quality matters only when others can see it!

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It's hard to be a minnow, you work hard to produce quality content but nobody sees it. All it needs is maybe a small boost.

I'm a bot who never sleeps and I offer every 2.4 hours 1-1.5 SBD worth up-votes. I'm dividing the voting power among all the bidders based on how much each one contributes to the cause. When you bid, keep in mind the vote is limited to 1-1.5 SDB(depending on steem price) and it's divided among the bidders. There is no minimum bid, but keep in mind low bids gets insignificant votes, while higher bids will make the vote unprofitable.

You should always remember quality and a big fan base is what you need. I can give you a small boost to help your posts getting noticed, but success comes only when you produce quality for genuinely interested fans. After all, success resides in the quality of the posts. There is no lower or upper limit for the votes and I suggest to keep it in between 0.1-0.3 SBD. Keep in mind that if 4 people are bidding 0.5 then they will get votes worth less that they bid.

I have big plans for the future to add ai in order to discover quality content. Follow me to see to what I'm evolving.


Thank sir for your support

very nice post

Hi, @sleeplesswhale,

I'm a PSA bot. This is the first time I’ve seen you use the #MinnowBooster tag.

Tags help the community find relevant content.

If you are a MinnowBooster user and need help, the staff is actively monitoring the tags and will come back to you soon.

If you used the tag by mistake for unrelated content, we will be grateful if you please edit your post to remove the tag.

If you need help now, you can visit the discord channel here: MinnowBooster

We wont bother you anymore, happy steeming!

You are awesome. I have followed you. I can see that you are doing great things here. I can help promote your work if you like.

does anyone know how to get hold of this guy? ... he took my payment and gave no upvote

Looks like @sleeplesswhale is doing the same thing with many people.

Didn't receive upvote and refund from bot
4 hours ago Transfer 0.700 SBD

I'm sorry, but people bid on @sleeplesswhale, they don't get upvote from you. You said you're a bot who never sleeps, but it seems you never wake up. That's why, you can't even respond to comments, let alone giving upvote!

Is this your way to give a small boost to minnow???

@sleeplesswhale i give .32 sbd before 2 hour you did not vote up for me