A new bot open

in #bot5 years ago

hi steemitian,
i am @shihab1997 . I started a new manual bot. It started from tomorrow AT 12 AM. It give you 2.3X or more vote . For take this vote send 0.011 SBD or 0.011 STEEM with your link to @shihab1997 . It supported also comment vote . Refundable if you can't get vote . Post age minimum 30 min and maximum 5.5 days . This bot only give 10 vote in a days .

All rule will be more updated some after days.

so,friend i hope you will help me.

Thanks,let's enjoy.





ubvote ki apni nijey diben,naki apner team ashey.

ami nije e dibo.

akta vote dew...dekhi tumar bot kemon

@mdshihab186 i have more then 95 SP . which vote value is 0.02$(when voting power 100%) .

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