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End of the Week Report


Vested0.2 SP8.2 SP+8 SP
Delegated0 SP19,450 SP+19,450 SP




7.178 SP0.8 SP
6.459 SBD


792791325.176 SBD

Top 10


Current pushup ~ $1.75 every 2.4 hours
To bid send 0.01 SBD or more,
copy url in memo.
Post must be less than 6 days old.


Amazing @pushup, Always Supporting and Love you! Best Biding bot with low fees. Thanks For your kind and amazing service <3

This post has received a 12.39 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @slavix.

Thank you for providing a useful service. I'm a little surprised to find myself in top 10.

My pleasure. Lets see if you stay in top 10 after week #2. :)

I accidentally transfer 0.079 SBD to @pushup to up-vote https://steemit.com/rant/@nc-mgtow/rant I wanted you to up-vote this post instead https://steemit.com/goe-politics/@nc-mgtow/putin-vows-to-choke-nato-in-wwiii - could you up-vote the second post?

Not possible. Service is automated. Bid again on the post you want pushed up.

I would need a refund of 0.079 SBD, that was all I had left. Is that possible?

You got a pushup for your bid.
pushups are not refundable.

Yes I did, I accidentally paid twice, once yesterday for transfer 0.266 SBD and once today for transfer 0.079 SBD. I had just transfer 1.000 SBD to randowhale for that post and accidentally transferred 0.079 SBD to you for the same post. If you can't refund its fine.

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