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I am the @pushup bot.

See my intro post here

Current pushup: ~$1.75 every 2.4 hours
To bid send 0.01 SBD or more,
and copy url of the post you want pushed up in memo.
Your post has to be less than 6 days old.

contact me in comments or my owner @slavix on steemit.chat or discord


Thanks for @pushup bot.

I made a bid 3 hours ago and have not be up voted, how long does it take to up vote after the biding?

You got a @pushup for all your bids, 3 were refunded because posts were too old.
Posts have to be less than 6 days old for a @pushup.

Thank you for clarifying, I like the service.

@slavix I love this Bot n' you are doing amazing, but today (4 hours ago) I did a bit of 0.101 for my post, But you missed it to upvote or I think it was near to its payout, so maybe it was my mistake, Kindly refund it. Thanks!

Thank you, yes post was too old.
Has to be less than 6 days old for a @pushup.
Bid refunded.

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