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The hand that feeds....

The little fish can rest easy MINNOWUNION came to feed them and what we are doing until they become a dolphin or they stop needing to be fed. If you want to be one of these little fish you just have to follow the steps explained in this publication.

What is minnowunion?

MINNOWUNION It is a daily voting service, it is based on a monthly subscription that you can use to obtain greater profits in your publications. If you need to know more about the project you can join the THEUNION server at DISCORD and go to our support channel for MINNOWUNION. We recommend reading the rules carefully, if any rule is not clear to refrain from acquiring our service.

How to use minnowunion?

It's very easy, you just have to transfer 0.50 steem with the memo "30 days" to @minnowunion. After doing that you will be receiving a daily vote of 0.05 SBD for 30 days, no will be voted doubtful content (No plagiarism-no spam). Always we try to give back what they have invested, THEUNION will serve as support while the project gains enough strength to walk alone.

How to know I am already registered?

After having sent 0.50 steem with the indicated memo, minnowunion will send you a memo so you know that the subscription was accepted.

Should I post daily?

Yes, it is ideal, although we know that sometimes it gets complicated; for those occasions we will have available the jokers, to which the users will be able to resort in special cases. Each user will have at his disposal three wildcards per subscription, which will be non-transferable.

How to use the jokers?

Very easy, you should only leave a comment in the minnowunion daily report of the day in question, for example: saying first wildcard minnowunion (must be, first, second or third, as the case may be) the bot will make valid the wildcard by voting the comment, leaving the agreed cents in the contract. If you have finished the jokes you must know that you can not fail, to receive the vote of minnowunion, you must have a publication.

When the subscription ends?

The subscription ends after 30 days, from that date you will stop receiving your daily vote. Minnowunion will send a memo warning that your subscription expired, if you renew before 24 hours you will continue receiving your daily vote without interruption.

Why use minnowunion?

Minnowunion can help you increase your daily earnings as well as earn a little SP extra and upload your REPUTATION. Both things are important for the growth of your account in steemit but very difficult to get at the beginning. For that reason we thought about creating this service to stimulate the growth of the new users of STEEMIT.

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