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Dear Users,

First of all let me wish you a happy and successful new year when everything turns out to be the way you have imagined it!

This is to inform you that after a boost of the voting bot, it has more than 25000 SP to vote on your contents and together with this we have introduced a new voting scheme with a guaranteed profit on your votes.

Instead of the previous system when the bot voted every 2.4 hours, now it votes whenever its voting power recharges to 100%.

It will put a minimum 10% - maximum 20% profitable vote on your comment or post.

In case the voting round is full, the bot will send you an automated notification about it. Another convenience feature is that

there is no need to resend your request in case the voting round is full: the bot will automatically forward it to the next round and informs you about it.

With a new client service protocol, we are also screening any problems and issues and you get a solution on these as soon as possible (luckily the new code is much more reliable than the previous one, so hopefully there won't be any problems!).

Hopefully you will be satisfied with these upgraded services,

Regards and best wishes from the Luckyvotes Team


Congratulations @luckyvotes!
You raised your level and are now a Minnow!

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