New reminder of the rules

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Many people do not read the rules of this bot.
We have just received a large number of publications by the same authors (normally limited to 4 publications per author, until it is voted by our services).
Moreover some person uses several account asking to make votes on the same publications.
We are not steemit policemen, multi-accounts do not look at us, but a rule of bot indicates that we will vote only once on each publication.
The proper functioning of this bot requires a minimum of reading from users.
The rules are clearly indicated.
Thank you for reading them and read the messages of this bot which indicates the possible changes


Hello, As stated in the rules of this bot. Do not send when the bot is charging. Thank you for reviewing the rules completely before using our services. Have a good day

How can I know if you have waken up? @friends-bot

As stated in the publications that explains the rules of this bot.

A message indicates if you could send or if the bot is charging

Yes, that's a good question. Maybe it's worth it to take a bet at least 0.01, then for a long time there will be enough charge and it will be possible to support many posts of novice authors, with a minimum payout ... It is evident that there is no shortage of clients, the income will not change, but rather increase, with constant and regular transactions ...

We wanted to allow the people to gain a minimum on their publication the 0.030 or 0.060 seemed a good understood (a vote in x3 remains rare on bot steemit).
But yes, it becomes hard to keep to keep these sums.
We want to stay on a x3 because the purpose of this bot is really to help grow the community, and many young steemiant steemit leaves because it does not win anything is a problem now.
We are thinking of staying on these sums, even if it is necessary to put the bot down to recharge it, but we limit it to 4 posts per person to allow more users to benefit from this bot.
If each person helped the bot with small donation in order to increase the VP. We could advance more quickly in our project of votes to 1 $.

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