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Important reminder

Thank you read the rules of this bot, people continues to send requests for upvote while the bot indicates to be in charge on the main page (I sleep to recharge of VP. Do not send a request for upvote during this time, thank you).
I remind you that there will be no refunds on the requests sent when the sentence indicates the bot in charge.
There have already been several reminders, I think that the conditions of use of this bot are clear.
Thank you


your publication at the time I received it (3 days ago) already indicated 5 days of existence, at the time I write these lines it indicates 8, which proves what I write.
As a reminder, postings of more than 3 days are not voting as indicated in the rules.
On the publication where I write you have also obtained a vote of 0.16.
These gift votes are occasionally random instead of 0.030 or .0.060.
Please be careful when sending a request to respect the rules.
Have a good day

hey you did not vote me for this post , Transfer 0.020 SBD

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