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If we want this bot to work we are forced to apply rules. I still see a lot of error on sending them to our upvote service.

Reminder of the rules

  • Send only 0.010 or 0.020 SDB or STEEM
  • Publication less than 3 days
  • Do not send if the message on the presentation page indicates that the bot is charging
  • Send 0.20 SDB or STEEM, if you want a restem
  • Send only a request for upvote by publication

If one of these rules is not respected, the bot will not refund any more.
We ask you to read the messages we publish, in addition to the rules of this bot.
We try to evolve this bot, but we must impose rules, otherwise we will not be able to offer you a quality service.
Remember that bot you vote in x3 guaranteed, which is rare on steemit, our lack of VP, requires us to rest the bot from time to time to recharge.
A message on the page of presentation indicates the state of this bot (in sleep or active).
If the bot is in bed, sends them during this time are considered as donations for our VP, be careful to look at his status before sent.

Any donation (in SDB STEEM OR VP), is welcome, we hope to let this bot without rest, but for that we have evolved quickly.

Together we will go further ....


I have not got upvote yet, check your wallet !!

This bot is manual, so the votes are done when I log in. If your publication complies with the rules, you will vote (I just did ^ ^).

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