THE NEW VOTING BOT ON STEEMIT----> @double-voter

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Hello, Steemit fans welcome to our New voting bot @double-voter through which you can get two upvotes per day on your posts by delegating your Steem power. Currently, we curating with 100k plus Steem power curation trial that will boost your post.

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What you will get?

  • If you are an active user on Steemit and making posts on daily basis then you will get two upvotes per day
  • If you will delegate 1000 sp you will get a 100% upvote on your two posts (In Early-stage only it will reduce when more delegators come to receive votes based on your SP )
  • If more users will delegate SP to our bot then the first 10 delegators will get a bonus vote i.e The % will be increased
  • You can also join our curation trial to maximize your curation rewards and support the users on steemit
  • For Any question Contact us on Discord: double-voter#5325

you give me 0.5 cent upvote for 0.5 steem really?

Sorry, you didn't get upvote from our trial. We will consider other of your post for upvote.

check your upvotes just one upvote to me (no eric) recently.and i didint get any upvote for last two times.

Cual es el mínimo a delegar para obtener votos a favor¿?

minimum delegation is 100SP.

Ok gracias ☺️

It's so hard for the average user to use such services. Most of them require huge amounts of delegations when it comes to minnows. Can you consider another option, perhaps with only 1 vote per day or even one per week for those who can't afford 1000 SP?

Hello I paid for your upvote for over 4 hours now and yet I have not got any upvote. How long does it take.

Thanks boss. Do you give bigger vote, for example if I send 2 steem how much vote will that give me?

Currently we don't have too much SP so we accept 0.5 steem.

Oh OK, I wish you had more sp. But you will get there very soon, from the things are going. Keep it up

I have sent 0.5 steem for vote

How about sbd

Link not working

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