Confrontations and Aggressions and Authorities

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The threat of violence and aggression is essential to human nature.

We'll never be free of it. And that's probably a good thing. This officer's holstered sidearm serves as a reminder that the ultimate arbiter of peace is violence, held in reserve.


Then there's physical fitness, and skill. Like this woman who understands that boxing comes before brunch. I have no doubt that she could dish out a shiner or two. A smart attitude, since the police aren't always standing a block away.


This guy seems to have taken notice of his photographer. Interesting that he has a camera pointed forwards - no doubt ready to be triggered by a Bluetooth shutter release as mine is. Documenting the world is important; it allows us to consider whether our culture embraces our values. Perhaps we were photographing each other in this moment. It's nothing to come to blows over.


These folks keep the world at a distance with their body language and their posturing. We see each other, but we keep our distance. It's safer that way.


Here, though, I get the feeling that things could spiral out of control with a misplaced remark or a misunderstood glance. The man may not have a gun, but there seems to be one worked into his tattoo. There's a reason I don't point my eyes and my camera in the same direction.


It's best not to take these things too seriously. Order and authority - and the unstated threat of violence that makes it all possible - is here to keep 700,000 people living and breathing within a few dozen square miles. We all really want the same things, and the promise of a good meal does wonders to lighten the mood.


Keep yourself strong, and keep yourself safe. The alternative is unpleasant, and nobody wants to see that.


Downtown Boston, August 24, 2018.



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Camera divider and signature illustration by @atopy.

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This looks like so much fun. Though I agree, the guy scratching his head with gun tatoo might not be someone you want to tangle with. I like your stealth mode. Great discussion to go along with the pics. Very apropos. Keep on wanderin' and clickin'. Sounds like a blast.

This is very nice hope you had an excellent time

I enjoyed the way you described the mood and emotion of each scene. Very witty! Great content.

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This is great : )

You are brave, going out in that jungle taking pictures of its creatures. I wouldn't point my camera and eyes in the same direction either.


So glad you liked it. It's really quite fun and not as dangerous as I make it look!

That Army guy looks like he's been to Joe & Nemos (a few times).

"The first man who fomented an organized capacity for violence is the true founder of civilization."


I just looked up Joe & Nemo's as I hadn't heard of it. Sadly, it's closed. And now I'm craving a hot dog.


Oh No!!! They were an institution, like Nathans is in NY (only their dogs were much better). I guess Ugi's Subs are probably closed as well. I just looked it up and it's some new place (1981) in Dudley Station. They used to be on Mass Av. right by Boylston. They had a window that tilted out and the grill was right in front with sausage and peppers frying... you couldn't walk by without stopping!


Oh man, that sounds divine!

I've had good luck with the sausage vendors on Boston Common. A little pricey though, and they're only there in the Summer.

Don't know why I didn't ask before - did you ever stop into LJ Peretti's for smokes?


I've been in there... I mostly went to Ehrlich's in Harvard Sq. I guess it's Leverett & Pierce now. I had a pretty nice collection of meerschaum pipes back in the day.


Well Peretti's hasn't changed a bit (except that I'm there now). We still have meerschaum pipes and the owner who has been there since the 60s. Leavitt and Pierce has mostly gone over to selling chess sets and gifts, but I guess they still sell a lot of rolling papers to the Cambridge kids.


I used to buy McDonalds Export and mix it with Balkan Sobranie, so I'd go to Ehrlich's in Harvard Sq. From '73 on I mostly lived in Cambridge/Somerville. I'm trying to remember who had the pipe museum on Tremont St I think. There was another place that had a guy in the window rolling cigars. That was when I was a kid, we'd stand outside and watch

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Cool dude.

Through the photographs taken of ordinary people in the city, you show that everyone lives differently, because we are all different.
In my town we have a popular saying "every head is a world"