Action Post! Photography on the move!

in boston •  7 months ago

95 degree heat waves do not slow this city down.





Work! Carry!


Point at the thing!


Point at the other thing!




All right, sit. You've earned it.


What do you do to keep yourself moving in these brutal hot temperatures?

Personally, I love them. But I am grateful that I get to spend much of the day in air conditioning.



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Camera divider and signature illustration by @atopy.

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What an action post, I waited to see if you managed to catch someone flying :))) like normal end of list :) And running on heat and hot weather, well, never know what to think about those persons..Do they really need to do that to their bodies @winstonalden?
My vote goes to air conditioning .


I like a good sweat as much as the next runner, but 80 degrees F is my limit. No reason to give yourself heat stroke.

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I like this one because the woman is giving us such a knowing look...


I know! She's like, That's not the right way, and I know that's not the right way, but I'll just let him talk.

I don't wanna die from heat stroke, I had it once, don't want it again. I keep my butt inside when its hot out