Boston Meetup was good times!

in boston •  last year

So, the meetup was a success! We'll meet again in about a month and a half. With a few more people in the loop we'll look to grow it. Next time I think we'll go for a local bar/restaurant and pour post rewards into free food and beer rather than post promotion. We'll keep growing!

It was pretty nice though to find some other steemians. @justtryme90 strikes me as a smart and kind fellow passionate about science. @r0nd0n didn't disappoint with a passion for liberty and free speech. @orangeshasta clearly likes the two things on their blog weed and cryptotrading. Orange has a science background and showed up just after @justtryme90 so we had 3 nerds at the table to start. Lastly we were blessed to have @errigankerrigan join us as well who I didn't get too much opportunity to talk with.

Anyway, good times were had. Beers drank, legal recreational substances consumed, conversation held, and new friends made. I think that's the point. I'm targeting the weekend of September 16th or 23rd for the next one, and yes there will be a next one.

In true crypto fashion we decided to take a photo sans faces, but nevertheless we were all smiling! Good times and a pleasure to meet you all.

In alphabetical order:


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The meetup was awesome, thanks so much for having me and @errigankerrigan. It was great talking to all of you face to face, I only wish it could have lasted longer.


maybe next time we can ride up together! @aggroed I'll give my measly 100% upvote to all related meetup posts if we use it for beer!!! just remember @justtryme90 likes the expensive 10% ABV beers tho


I'll probably take you up on that next time. Getting over to where you're at is much better than going all the way to Boston, so it makes sense.

Damn, sorry I missed it everyone, I will try to make the next one. I just have been very busy.

was nice meeting some fellow southern new england steemians last night!!!!! hopefully the first of many!!!! I'll bring more gummy bears next time if you guys want

I had a good time! See you soon!

This is so awesome. I hope to be there at the next meetup :D Where are you guys based?

That is so awesome to see the meetups taking place and bringing folks together! Thank You for sharing and bringing us along with you!

Magnifical !!!!
Meetup are very enjoying !!!
We pass our in France !!! Aperitif meetup summer !
Amazing ...

I see yours was wonderful
Congratulations !!!!


You can see our meetup on my profile if you want to... ;-)

Cool when is the next meetup

Pretty cool that you have the chance to meet up! hope you had a great time!

Much much congratulations for the meetup in Boston , would be an honor meeting you guys in New York City ! Hope everything was successful

@aggroed, I hope you guys had some useful time there. By the way, you seem to be very arranged person though I doubt your photoshoot skills. ;p
What's your MBTI type? Upvoted.


Cheers for having a successful meet up!

Man looks/sounded like fun. Cant wait till we can all drive our dream cars and can just jump in our cars and fly around the world at a drop of a hat for steem meetups.

Nice group photo. You have all very interesting backs. I should organize a Costa Rica meetup. :)

That was good to see you guys enjoyed at meet up :)

You guys are 😂 cannot wait to meet all of you one day.

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This is awesome! We need more steemit meet ups happening all over the place. Thanks for the update and play by play of how it went :)

I am coming to this one! I just got here and am kicking myself for not making it sooner, but hey, all in due time right? I want to make every effort to make it, please keep us posted!

K Scratch

Lovely. I hope it was fun

Any chance of another meetup anytime soon?

I'd love to link up with local Steemians.

Cool Picture. Gangster-like