Free BOScoins are available now!!!

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Hey Guys, BOScoin crowdfunding is over and most of the people who promoted BOScoin, have received their free BOScoins.

You can simply login your slack channel and check the details on dashboard.

BOScoin would be traded from October 2017, till that time hold your tokens and be ready for a cryptocurrency which will be going to stay in the market.

There are 700+ cryptos in the market but the currencies which will prove their worth are going to remain in the game and BOScoin is one of them.

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Happy earning and stay blessed!!

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Can you explain how it is ?


Sure...the program is over and free coins has been given to those who promoted BOScoin.
The Bounty Program has been updated! You can now check how much bounty you earned in your BOScoin Dashboard. Login to confirm your Bounty.

The Bounty Program started on March 28, 2017 and ended on May 10, 2017 (for 44 days). Overall, there were 9,311 Bounty applications.

You can check your Bounty in the “Additional Transaction History” section near the bottom of the Dashboard.

For more details kindly refer the below link :