This is a Strange Thing About Sakura

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Sakura is a character that is identical in the anime period Naruto used to be a woman who is one of the prettiest even until now even though already have children but still like girls, the lack of ngenes. But for those of us who watch Naruto anime but have you ever focused on sakura the strange thing that ever happened, maybe you are not aware but according to some people who watch Naruto and also boruto this is very strange.

Before discussing Tetang into a strange little thing you have to realize, which sakura is a disciple of Tsunade which is the 5th Konoha hokage and you have seen Tsunade is not the intention of seeing this is not his elegance but the strength of which every blow produces enormous destruction, and this destructive science may have been inherited to Hinata mean inherit rather than giving but teaching because giving and chasing it different maybe you can find the difference of giving and teaching in Indonesian dictionary.
But have you ever looked into the strange power of shattering cherry, yups may never but discussed yups that is reasonable because most watching Naruto anime focuses on characters like Naruto, Sasuke or things that shake not shake quake ya guys but thrilling shocks on each episode in where the main character fights. But you also do not have to know to weird sakura because sakura is not the main character but we will say strangely little.
The first strange thing may be you realize which one blows the cherry sake every single course just crushed the ground, not the ground alone also rock destroyed even weaker than stone like wood is also destroyed about the cherry blow but the strangest thing that Mimin see is where every cherry blow that hit the enemy but not destroyed when the enemy is a weaker skin of stone and wood but why not destroyed even as hit by a normal punishment but on the side of the bone may just be destroyed bone, when the melting ground destroyed, but what do you think how there are more strange things, if any please leave in his comments and upvote post blog me @ayunda..

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