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Welcome to my blog, today i am going to be making a review of Börser cryptocurrency project and its amazing features, making it a worthwhile platform to stick to when it comes to upholding the quest for stability of cryptocurrencies. Börser is a cryptocurrency project that is trying to create a way by which cryptocurrencies can be stable and also backed up by real-life practices of value and shares.

To achieve this, Börser is partnering with 3 different companies to create values and shares in which everyone can effectively join and become part of the revolution. If you are in the crypto space and you are conversant with stable cryptos like tether and the likes, you would agree with me that this project is one to be aware of and support with all available resources.

The cryptocurrency ecosystem as we know it has suffered great marginalization by the stability supporters, those who believe that for a piece of material should be accepted as legal tender of store of value, there should be a form of stability to it, therefore, this school of thought has hindered massive adoption of cryptocurrencies as mainstream valuable commodity for exchange with this ideology.

Börser team plans to curb this mitigation by creating a cryptocurrency backed by shares from 3 different companies, making it the most stable commodity of exchange and transfer of value all over the world. By utilizing this methodology, Börser platform can reinvent the wheel in the cryptocurrency and finance world, bringing back the trust of the masses to cryptocurrency and allowing for massive adoption of cryptocurrency.

Feature of Börser Platform:

Speed and Security:

The Börser platform affords participants a seamless, fast and secure transactions, with the utilization of faster blockchains, participants of the platform can enjoy super fast transactions and enjoy secure transactions, this is made possible by the excellent team that is backing up the Börser platform.

Transparent and Decentralized Transactions:

By utilizing blockchain technology, Börser team makes it possible for immutability of transactions across the entire platform and partnering companies, this will effectively halt all activities of malpractice and make it impossible for fraud, hacks and cheating to be found in the system. Hence a trust-less ecosystem is ensured with Börser platform, which will create a means whereby many people from different parts of the world would embrace the platform and become early adopters of this new ecosystem.

Innovative Exchange:

Börser team realized that to actually create a stable cryptocurrency, there should be stable backing of the cryptocurrency from several fronts, therefore aside partnerships with different companies and projects to create crypto shares, Börser team has also integrated a new innovative approach to create scalability of the cryptocurrency ecosystem with the Fiat ecosystem.

Therefore Börser platform is a platform for the quick and efficient conversion of crypto to fiat and otherwise at a very low transaction fee, ensuring stability of the cryptocurrency ecosystem and making it possible for those who are supporters of the stability ideology to be part of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Therefore with Börser platform, everyone can participate in the cryptocurrency ecosystem with peace of mind about volatility of the cryptocurrency ecosystem and coin price and value crash.

Moreover, Börser platform utilizes the Börser tokens as its main store of value. The Borser Token is a cryptocurrency backed by shares from 3 different companies, hence it wold serve as an addition to the hub of stable cryptocurrencies. Therefore, not just crypto enthusiasts and on boarding members can gain benefits from the token, also crypto traders can take solace in the fact that other stable cryptocurrency has been added to the hub with more use cases than the others, hence they have a plethora of choices to make during trading and long term investments in cryptocurrencies.


Börser platform allows for faster transactions, in a more reliable manner and a most cost effective means; lowest form of transaction fees, special interests to traders, effective remittance channels for every members of the platform.


Börser platform, as a cryptocurrency exchange platform seeking to stabilize their base currency is seeking to make this possible by exchanging their tokens as shares in the companies of their partners. Therefore they have gone into partnership agreements with 3 different companies that would encourage cryptocurrency adoption and enforce stability of their BOS Tokens.

The Companies that have partnership with Börser exchange includes:

  1. CrowdFunds: A decentralized Crowdfunding platform, look at it like the blockchain gofundme
  2. Mi Wall Street: A finance Company offering exclusive financial services to low income investors
  3. X-Change: a crypto to fiat exchange platform.
    Börser Platform is really a new way to go.

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Nice project

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