Important realization to make better

you wouldnt possibly ever imagine how extraordinarily common or rather unbelievably ordinary the things I write can become over a hedious and endless momentum of unfathomable improvisation. Have you ever seen heard of the most suspicious contest for productivity? I am now participating in it. It is what has become available as the hashtag you can go to called #borethepantsoffawhale. You can get spontaneous glorification of your mind's buzzling anthem by partaking in this cerimony of a grand scale of magnitude of righteous unthrilment which is good so more people will take steemit seriously if it has less jokes in it because people will not think it is just for jokes. it is not a jokeIt is not because it is #right, it is because of something else, it is because of why would it actually need to be in any way, just about any way, different in mindset or choice of #vocabulary. I am not joking, things are like that and this is what it is. If you disagree with the unthinkable truth of this then you just didn't think of it yet because when it crosses your mind it will open your mentality to things now in a manner of way that they had not been as they once were in a past day previous to when that happened or in any other day before that since it had been like that to you before the very moment of your realization. things are not the way you think they #are because you didnt know them that well since you decided to not look at them in a way that shows clearly what it is since you didn't look at them the #rightway. You would not have known this even if by any chance at all you had not heard it from someone else who thought of it in the correct, appropriate style of thought that you did not have. This is something that cannot escape your now unambiguous reality because it is shocking. You have to be glad this was a revelation to you because it means you have come to the realization of what is a right doing, different from the wrong doing it was before it has become a right doing, which it has transformed into with clarity. ##thanks annd comments and resteem if it helps you

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I bored myself to death while reading your post. But I suppose that was the intention.


Oh, I guess I'm good! No, wait --