CHAOS 2016 - Bo Polny's latest video regarding Gold/Silver/Market Crash/Shmitah and Jubilee year

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Bo Polny ( is a market analyst who uses cycles to determine when the trends change. I suggest you go back and listen to all his videos and pay attention to what's coming. He know's the timing and is announcing the change in trends are imminent.

This is his latest video that was just released today, he tends to do interviews and reports just before a change happens.

Be warned and prepared for the crash that is being talked about in the mainstream more and more these days.

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Thnaks for sharing the news. keep posting good posts @funkywanderer

The system is broken! That's why invest in cryptocurrencies :)

Just listened to this, this morning... and I enjoy listening to his interviews, videos and insights. He is just one more in a long line of people (as SGT would say), documenting the crash. Better to be prepared than caught by surprise.