My Bitcoin Boots: Bought these a year back from with Bitcoin and I love them.

in boots •  6 months ago

Let me tell my story of finding a love for boots, and how I used my Bitcoin to buy boots from With all the heavy lifting and movement I do I needed some quality boots. We get alot of rain in Georgia so its important for them to resist water and mud. I found the Ariat H 2 0 Pull on Work hog boots to fit my needs, and exceeded my expectations.

I bought these boots from a platform called They get gift card holders and Bitcoin holders together to exchange each others funds. So I was able to buy these boots from Amazon using Bitcoin.

They also honored my Bitcoin balance in Bitcoincash when the split happened. And any time I needed to work with the Escrow service it went really well.

So if you have Bitcoin and want things on Or have an gift card and want Bitcoin for it, then check out Purse.

This video and blog references an opinion and is for information purposes only. This is not investment advise.

I have mirrored this video elsewhere in case there are playback issues:


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Oh wow, thanks for the gift.

Good and quality boots with an interesting story of getting these boots @solominer



Yeah I think they will last a long time, if I take good care of them. Thanks! and yeah it shows you that there are many things you can buy with bitcoin. Maybe its wise to wait until BTC all time highs again before buying anything from them but still good to know the service is in use.

Ok thank you for the information, very nice your boots



no problem, if you have any questions just let me know.

thanks, they are great boots.

Beautiful story friend..
Well explained...



thanks much, Doing videos on steemit is my first chance to do voice over. So glad you find it well explained.

nice boots friend, look like the boots of a whole llanero, thanks for sharing your story greetings



Thank you, I would be honored to be considered as strong as the Llanero. I do feel like a cowboy wearing them.