Giving @booster A Shot. The Randowhale Killer ?

in booster •  2 years ago

Good Morning Steemians,

Today i was checking @fyrstikken's blog and i noticed that he resteemed a post :

So basically this is a voter bot similar to randowhale but the amount you send is going to be your % of the total amount sent to @booster in the last 2.4 hours, meaning isf you sent 1SBD and in the last 2.4 hours @booster recieved 100SBD the bot will Upvote your post with 1%.

So all we can do to get the most out of our vote is check @booster's voting power :



Which currently sits at %95.86, There are also some conditions you need to consider:

1-Make sure you send SBD (not STEEM) to @booster
2- @booster only votes every 2.4 hours, so be patient :)

So let's give it a shot :)


Thank you all for reading, Resteem this post to spread the word and have a good day :)

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Resteemed! Thanks for the heads up. :)


You're Welcome Thanks For The Support :)
I Hope We Get A Good Vote On This Post :p

Will try this out when I get some SBD

Posts like this is the reason I am following you :D


Thanks For Your Continuous Support :)

This post has received a 1.00 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @steemian69.

Thanks for informing us! I gave it a try or a test run I should say. I don't have a lot of SBD to play around with yet but we'll see what happens :) Resteemed!


Thanks For Your Support :)


Absolutely ;)

Hi everyone follow4follow vote4vote