The Best time of the day/night to use bidbots & what to avoid!

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We have NO MAX ROI because we do not want to limit what you can earn if you should be lucky. We also have no minimum ROI, meaning a voting window could be over-crowded towards the end and your upvote could be a lot less than expected... sometimes.


When AMERICAS sleep, the BidBots are most profitable

From 3 am to 8 am New York Time is the best time on your watch to use bidbots for profitability. And in order to make as much profit as possible, avoid using bots that only will give you 10% ROI etc. Use the bots that have no MAX limit (like @Booster) to ensure yourself the best conditions possible to make a good win.

Booster is an Open Source auction system, the only variable is what humans bid/underbid/overbid.

So to be good at using the bots, go to and watch the bids coming in, how long time until next bid, suggested bids etc. A good tip is to place a decent bid at the beginning of the round to scare away competitors, or if there are only small bids towards the end, place a suggested bid at the sixth minute before it votes, beware that there can be more then just you trying to bomb bid at the sixth minute, so better put in a 60% bid early giving your competitors a chance to chose another bot to use.

Booster is designed to be in favor of the user, it is therefore very important that users follow the rules!

  • Your post must be a new post, maximum 2.5 days old.
  • We have no ROI/LOSS guarantee.
  • The minimum bid is 1 STEEM or 1 SBD, bids below that sum will not be processed and are seen as a donation, so make sure your bids always are in whole units.
  • We will remove upvotes without refund for bot-abuse, @frontrunner abuse, and legit complaints from the SFW (Safe For Work) community when they report on or on trending posts that disgusts them or are political hate speeches or loud whining. We rather have a dialogue with people, so do not be shy to join the SteemSpeak Discord & tag @fyrstikken or @inertia in the general chat.
  • The @Frontrunner Guild has been re-designed to favor the largest bidders of each round instead of all bidders to secure more ROI for the members of the frontrunner guild. If you want to join, go to and unsubscribe from all your other curation guilds. (Tips: Make a second account for profit-curation and use that one instead of your main account. This can be done easily using the @Vessel Wallet signed by @good-karma)
  • A Blacklisted user is not blacklisted forever, normally 30,60,90 days depending what the case was. A User can also be removed from the blacklist contacting us on Discord and make a restitution, sincere apologies in public etc if it was a heated moment. We believe in second chances.
  • Make sure yo do not take credits for other peoples work. If you want to share someone elses video, music, because you write an article about it or something, that is fine. Plagiarizing is when you steal other peoples content and claim it as your own, that is a no, no on STEEM.


We may soon vote 20 windows per day instead of 10 to allow more users to use @Booster. Therefore enjoy these last weeks of 100% voting-windows as 20 windows per day will have half the effect it has now, and also help combat mega-users who use our services irresponsible.

Thank you for reading!

The @Booster Team!
1 Year on STEEM!

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Nowadays, bidbots is not that much profitable or worst scenario, you are losing in a bid, sad :(

Even America sleeps, Still the other part of the globe were awake and many of them use bots.

I have been around before BOOSTER ever started up, and I can tell you this:


I have studied and used nearly ALL of the bid bots.



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I have used your bidbot in the past, however recently I notice a change in the Min/Max ROI on STEEMBOT Tracker.

The "Min/Max ROI" is now "none / -100%".

Is this correct? I thought it could be a simple entry mistake.

Should it be "-100% / none"?

Thanks for creating your bidbot and I look forward to using it in the future.

Steem on,

everything you share always inspires me as a booster.

That's a great move by you guys because having 20 windows per day ensure more frequently upvotes, and i love the fact that you also sponsor people that is no other bid bot do on Steemit,keep it up.

Ive used you a ton but the last time i used you i voted twice but never got a refund back. I can show you if you want. I just wanted help on the matter.
Thanks for this post to it helps a lot.

Nice share!!!

Artical was good

Thanks for educating us about this. Do you upvote without getting paid? for e.g. I am writing this comment, do I get upvote here?

good information please shere it

Thanks for your post. I will try

Hi @booster I just sent 1 sbd onto the bidbot and was not included in the round. please can you check this . 6th july. i sometimes use your service with no problem


update: i've just noticed i've been moved to the next round, at least. That's fine, but now i miss out on all my author reward. not great.

Hii sir , i am sending you 1.5 sbd to your account 4 hours ago but you did not give a upvote to me.please check & give me upvote. Thank you.

First of all i want to appreciate you @fyrstikken because you've deeply explained about the in and out of the @booster and also you've gave some tips which can help bot users to get good profits.

And yes, choosing right time and after analysing everything from the Bottracker is important aspect to gain the profits from Bot Service and sometimes using bots without proper knowledge leads to the losing the potential gains.

And yes, sometimes we can see deep negatives on this platform and that is truly not good for the Steem Economy and good to hear that you are putting much efforts towards the clean Steem economy and clean behaviour.

And great to hear about the new developments as 20 Windows and in my opinion that will increase more effectivity and i want to wish Good Luck to you and i hope that you will get great returns for all of your efforts.

Thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

Keep sharing great content and I'll keep coming here to read it :)

Hii sir , i am sending you 1.5 sbd to your account 17 hours ago but you did not give a upvote to me.please check & give me upvote. Thank you.

I am very happy to read this paper, and hope that America's will sleep longer each day

Three hours ago, when the Americans were sleeping I sent a bid of 3 SBDs along with a post link, but only got upvote of 3.83℅ from @booster, whereas in that round the bid that goes to @booster is less than 15 SBD, WHY...?????

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Sir. I am sending u 1.5 sbd 2 days ago but you did not give me upvote. Please give me upvote or give me back my 1.5 sbd this is my 3 comment with proof. I am trust u. I hope u will give me upvote. Thank for reading.

hello @booster yesterday I send you 2 sbd and you upvoted me only 1.43.
what the hell you are doing.


Read the article

@booster Why I'm being removed from steemspeak everytime when I join?I tried 4 times from your profile link to discord still they removed me

AND @booster plays EDM on their ads.. so they are dope!

I post a #dailytune EDM track to my profile everyday from the greatest producers of our generation.

That is nice

Sir your post is very beautiful very interesting your all post I love your #post
Sir I am new user on Steemit
My reputation is just 30%
Sir I am best apvoter and comments sir please help me Thank you

@booster I send you the 10 steem for an upvote :) See memo

What happened to my vote?
I worked really hard on this piece for you to just steal my money and not upvote!




Did he refund you?