Steemboat Development: Looking for other marketers, coders and artists.

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Steemboat Development: Looking for other marketers, coders and artists.

I am releasing Steemboat's source code. Steemboat is a cool desktop wallet for the Steem blockchain. The aim is to allow users to keep their active keys in a desktop program rather than trusting it to a third party website. Also it is esigned to do all owner-key and active-key functions. It should not have the resource footprint of running another copy of Chrome as Vessel did.


Originally a Python project, I have reinvented the concept as a C++ project that will use QT. Included in the repository is the original console mode Python based project. With Steemboat (Python) you can send funds, manage the authority of your keys and even change your master password.

Right now Steemboat, the C++ version, is in the infant stage. The Python version is a console mode program that has features like management of key authority. It doesn't do anything useful yet. I am looking for people who want to hone their skills in C++. The C++ part of the project queries a RPC node and returns the blockchain properties. It then displays the current block number in a Window.

I am looking for digital artists, programmers, marketers, and supporters who like the idea of this project and would like to contribute to it as a labor of love.

Perhaps @jerrybanfield might think this is worth funding. Those who are coders might find this worth contributing to. @cheetah wont find this article anywhere else. So @teamsteem please spread copies of this far and wide! Perhaps @roleandp would like to improve it. Whether you are on this list or not, reply below because I would like to hear from you.

You can get a copy by issuing this command at the command line.

   git clone

I use QTCreator for editing the project. The project is supposed to be portable across various modern operating systems.

The source code is truly decentralized. We don't need to go through Github but it saves you from setting up a server to serve git repositories.

Dash XjzjT4mr4f7T3E8G9jQQzozTgA2J1ehMkV
BitcoinCash 1KVqnW7wZwn2cWbrXmSxsrzqYVC5Wj836u
Bitcoin 1Q1WX5gVPKxJKoQXF6pNNZmstWLR87ityw (too expensive to use for tips)

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You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

I am looking for people who want to hone thier skills in C++.
It should be their instead of thier.