Boomslang South Africa's most venomous Snake

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I caught this Boomslang (African Tree Snake) in Dikhololo Game Reserve near the town of Britz in South Africa.
I broke a golden rule to not interfere with nature. This Boomslang was repeatably getting attacked by a bird, a Grey Headed Bush Shrike. Even though it is the most venomous snake in South Africa (not most dangerous), it seemed helpless to defend itself. The bird flew away, I caught the snake and put it near a Waterhole for a drink. In hindsight, I should have just left it and let nature take it's course.


Thanks for posting this @mambaman. My son, also, is a herpitology enthusiast. Thanks for posting. I have followed and upvoted you!

Thank you. I would like to hear more about your son.

Here he is. His name is Nicholas. He has emigrated to the UK now. This was on a snake-handling course he attended.

I hate snakes. Their scaled body is so ewwwww.

if a help is needed, why not @mambaman I agree with your actions.good jop
because animals also need protection

@mambaman, You are like me, we love animals!

I'm afraid of snakes

Wow! You are great I once come across that type of snake before back then in 2014. I let it go because I was afraid of it but now I think am brave enough to take it alive anyhow any where.

Please don't catch a dangerous snake on account of me, I've had years of experience

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Ouch. No coming back from that one.

You are a brave man i must say, not easy to grab a snake in your hand .... in that way. Thanks mate for sharing this pic :)
Thumbs up for you mate....

You are very brave, ordinary eagles are very fond of snakes to eat everyday. But you can do this.


Hello, excuse me, are you a biologist - Herpetologist? or do you do it just because you like it?

regards @mambaman

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