@Boomerang accepts now also STEEM as payment

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Dear Steemians,

as we announced in this post, due to the high rise of SBD price and to many popular request @boomerang has introduced STEEM as payment option to the already available SBD. This is the official announcement of @bommerang's new feature.

So everyone that is not blacklisted by @steemcleaners can send now a minimum of 0.05 SBD or a minimum of 0.5 STEEM as a bid for a share of @boomerang's vote. At the beginning of every round the market price will be read and according to the last market transaction the exchange rate will be established.

Our investors will get now both SBD and STEEM every round according to their share of delegation.

Best Regards,

@boomerang team

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That is great.
Good to hear high price of SBD compared to Steem considered

It will be cool if we would able to see how much time it is until next vote...
Maybe put it in your header or something...


Yes, but just check out https://s3.amazonaws.com/yabapmatt/bottracker/bottracker.html#bid

We vote every 2 hours and 40 minutes to ensure that voting power is back at full 100%.

This is really great to hear. Thank so much!!!

good job

this is a valuable information

hello brother, i liked your post...
awesome art,

i resteem your post,, @boomerang

This is very goood step. Thanks Boomerang

Do you have a sponsors list that shows percentage delegated compared to the other delegators?


It's very good news thanks you!

Thanks for sharing such a great update, please guide how to do all these activities. I had never sent it before.

Thats great for us

its really great for us

Best Regards,

@boomerang team

@boomerang recently i bid for vote i receive upvote but not comment why you not commenting on my post ?


Sometimes it can happen that we send a comment to the blockchain but the comment is not added to the chain because a witness is missing a block. We dont check if all comments are delivered, we only re-check if the votes and the payouts are delivered (stored in the blockchain)

@boomerang please check your steemit.chat. I messaged you on there yesterday about an issue im having with your bot.


Sorry, we don't see a message from you. We are online now.

I'm having a little trouble with the @boomerang upvote bot. I sent 5STEEM to get a $10.58 upvote.

Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 6.40.23 PM.png

However, my post is currently only worth $2.46.

Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 6.40.48 PM.png

Do you know why this has happened?


Hi @spencercoffman, the values shown in Bottracker are US-Dollar, the steemit frontend shows SBD values. Keep in mind that one SBD is traded for 11.50 US-Dollar at the moment. You can switch the bottracker to show all values in SBD or STEEM instead of US-Dollar.


Yes, I’m aware of that. Based on what I wrote and the picture I sent you 5Steem And was supposed to get a 10USD upvote. However, that didn’t happen and I would like to know why.


Current Prices: 1 STEEM = $2.25 | 1 SBD = $11.55

10.00 USD are less than 1.00 SBD at the moment. Your post payout is around 2.46 SBD, thats around 25.00 USD.


No, payout amounts are shown in USD. Therefore, the payout on my post is 2.46 USD.

According to the picture from your boomerang bot I paid 5 STEEM to receive a 10.58 USD upvote. However, my post is only worth 2.46 USD.


Ive never heard of boomerang and and there is nothing else in the tag, what is it?

kind of an accelerator..ya?