Elder-Son Kidnap this Track freestyle prod by The Instrumental Vault

in #boombox3 years ago

The Montauk Bots productions. This beat is not owned by me. The lyrics, however, are always mine, mine alone. I'll be making beat again shortly (maybe after the move). Then translating my freestyles into full written songs. I enjoy being on the mic as much as possible. I'm also very lucky to have something like Steemit. Number one roadblock for artists is promotions. With getting rewards here, I can build out there. Plus this is just the comen sense social media. People will switch to the platform giving out free money for posting. People will be more mindful of what they upload. Can't wait until I become a big name by default because I was smart enough to find something like this. Let alone stay on it.

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Setting this thang on FIRE for! #boombox @elderson @orbitdrop @vandalizmrecordz @allvetradio #radio. Looking forward to setting up a schedule. http://allvetradio.com/