Steemit Music for the #Boombox - "Elder-Son: No Game"

in #boombox3 years ago (edited)

elderson 4444w.jpg

artwork by @inthenow
Yo, so many people blasting tunes in the #Boombox, it's incredible. For those just tuning into my blog, the #boombox is the music tag that belongs to Steemit. Not only a cool new way to promote the songs you love or make but an easy way to get a free resteem from my alt profiles @orbitdrop @vandalizmrecordz "Free Resteem Profiles" Huge shout out the following users on the #boombox tag today. Go follow:











To be featured on this list make sure to dedicate yourself to posting sounds in the #Boombox tag. Right now I can shout everyone out to my followers. Later when we grow bigger, I'll shout out the most frequent users.

Oh yeah on to the music


Commenting on Post like you said brother! Finally got this thing setup! #BOOMBOX

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