💯 Elder-Son Music for the Steemit #Boombox - "Kidnap This Track" Freestyle

in #boombox3 years ago (edited)

UHHH steemit music elder son.jpg

Montauk Productions is happy to bring you another Freestyle by Elder-Son

This is a free to use instrumental. All the lyrics belong to me. Can't make a song with someone else's words. Just doesn't feel right in my body. I've even tried. My story is my story. Ghostwriters won't work for me. There will be a fan base for me. Even if I never make it to the big TV a home. Or the Big screen (Altho that would be cool as all hell). I'll be happy to spread my own word rather than others.

We have a lot of cool plans for the future. The #boombox tag will get you a free resteem for sharing music. I'm getting ready to invite people onto Steemit using my reward as promotion money on other major platforms. Then soon I'll be hosting a contest for artists who can come up with an awesome artwork for the #boombox tag. Follow @elderson and stay tuned!

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