Where to Find Cheap Books in The Philippines -Preloved Books Philippines

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I have my online bookstore that aims to encourage students and book lovers alike to read books at a reasonable price.
I sell different kinds of books from children's books, guides to beading projects, landscaping, YA books ( young adult books ) and self-help books.

This coming June 16, 2018, kindly visit my online store on Facebook. Here's the link:

Uploading of new books will start at 3:00 pm.

Here are the teasers:
new books.jpg
Some are multiple copies

I always prioritize bibliophiles more than my resellers who are selling at a higher price in Instagram.
I love how these set of books look like

I also sell books for toddlers and my page is "Children's Books Philippines " on Facebook.

Thank you so much for Reading and we'll make Philippines a "Country of Readers".

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