The Importance of Reading: Article for Men

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Talk Tactic just released a new video on our channel you can see that here.

In the above video we ask the guys watching to leave a comment with a book you're reading and why.

Also if you'd like us to check out a book and cover some topics from it we'd be glad to take a look.

So for now I'm going to list a few books I've finished, working on, or are on the waiting list.

a. The Rational Male Vol 1-3 Rollo Tomassi.
b. The Complete System of Self Healing Internal Exercises Dr Stephen T. Chang.
c. How to be a 3 Percent Man Corey Wayne.
d. Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion Paul A. Laviolette.
e. The Feminist Lie Bob Lewis.
f. The Cure is in the Cupboard Dr. Cass Ingram.
g. Secrets of Longevity Dr. Maoshing Ni.
h. How to be a Billionaire Martin S. Fridson.
i. 30 Days to a More Powerful Vocabulary Dr. Wilfred Funk and Norman Lewis.
j. Inventions of Nikola Tesla a Complete Set of Patents.
k. The Female Brain Louann Brizendine, M.D.
l. Breatheology Stig Avall Severinsen.
m. Clean Skin From Within Dr. Trevor Cates.
n. Word Power Made Easy Norman Lewis.
o. The Books of Enoch.
p. The Book of Jasher Ken Johnson Th.D

I'm very interested in seeing your list of top books or a great book you're working on now.

Also check out one of our blooper vids from the other night.


Great Video...

Thanks Michael. These tasks on Kryptonia are awesome.

Another great video again. I'm going to read the Book of Enoch. I heard that book mentions many strange things buddy. Good JOB!

Thanks! Oh yes it's really interesting. It talks about mermaids, giants, the flood, Angels coming down to earth. Lots of things.

Uh ohhh! Spoiler alert 🤔🤔
Anyway, I like sci-fi stories buddy.
You should post also here the blooper vid buddy.

That blooper vid is the sec vid in the article. One with open mouth. :)

wow its interesting ...sometimes we have to read on things like this and even believe they exists for our balance

I have been reading the books of Napolion Hill THINK AND GROW RICH. HAVE YOU READ IT?

That's a great book! I heard the audio version. Thank you.

Beam me up!

Great video man. Thanks for sharing this informative post.

Wojajajja i can't help myself from laughing on the 2nd video

Another incredible video once more. I will read the Book of Enoch. I heard that book notices numerous interesting things mate. Great job! s it's extremely intriguing. It discusses mermaids, mammoths, the surge, Angels coming sensible. Loads of things. Much obliged. I'd get a kick out of the chance to hear any proposals. Great Article. a debt of gratitude is in order for sharing. pleasant post.

Thanks mirzaaliimran! I may be adding more books to this list as time goes by. Would love to hear your list too.

Great post,thanks for sharing..hope I can also read that books

if i had a dirty mind i would write something about the 2 picture but i don't :)

dont have a dirty mind green minded instead hahahahahha...unsolicited advice from a 65 years old woman ehheheheh

Honestly, I don't think I have ever read a whole book through. I have always been one to reading articles rather than full books. Even in High School, I just went through cliff notes (don't know if those are still around).
Looking back I wish I had the will to read through a whole book. Good thing my kids take after their mother and love to read.
Great Job @taylorjonathan

Thanks cryptomaap. I just started mostly in the last year or so.

try reading a book in its entirity and wow you will find out believe me that you have found another best friend forever (BFF)

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