What's the best book you ever read?

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If you would share a book you liked most, witch one is and why?

Curious to know what's most interesting books and what people find in that particular book.

I read mostly psichology, business related books, self-improvment...

There is not only one book I would share, is more, due emotions, motivations and information gained on each book...

In order based on my reading experience, I would say:

The Millionaire Fastlane

Is one of the best in the sector, doesn't tell you how to be millionaire but gives you imput to create something on your own, explaining the reason, sharing his own experience

The 10x Rules

This book pushs you all the way to take action... full motivation, Grant Cardone made exeptional job!!! is a must

Dotcom Secrets

If you have a business or planning to have one, you cannot miss this simple book, explain in easy way all steps you need to follow to create a successfull business.

In best books /autors I can share:
Robert Cialdini (psichology)
All Ries (branding)
Dan Kennedy (marketing)
Robert Collier (copywriting)
Timothy Ferris (growth hacker)
Gary V (massive action taker)

Witch one is your? and why?

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