Books: My Early Life by Winston Churchill

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I ran into Churchill’s autobiography when browsing through the Nobel laureates. At first I was surprised to find him amongst the awardees and convinced that the reward was rather to honor his WW2 efforts. After reading through the book I found his book quite enjoying.

One from my Slovene quota 🙂

Interesting facts:

  • Churchill came from blue-blooded family. His father was a vice king and his family was known in the royal circles.
  • Visited war academy and loved horseback riding. I always thought he was a politician and not an actually schooled general.
  • He was very ambitious and knew that he needs to earn his recognition by actually participating in wars across the globe. With his ambitiousness and the help of his mother and his father’s friends he was able to get into most of the relevant expeditions. This helped with his visibility and consequently with his career.

Personal score: 8/10

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