A Review of Chapter two of Keith Harrell's Attitude is Everything

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Chapter two of Keith Harrell’s Attitude is Everything is subtitled; ‘Attitude is a Choice’. The author unveils how the choices we make each day impacts our success tomorrow. He made us understand that we all have the choice about how we react to situations in our lives. It is therefore our responsibility to choose being positive.

The author discloses the power of choice, avowing that choice is the master key to unlocking our greatness in life. He urges us to choose our attitude thoughtfully as it is a core determinant of how we respond to the challenges we encounter.

Keith Harrell urges us never to be controlled by our attitude; rather, we should be able to put our attitude under control. This will help us remain optimistic and focus on solutions to problems instead of focusing in the problem. He says the most powerful gift God has given to humanity is the power to choose. If you choose to be successful, your attitude will speak of it, and if you choose to fail, your attitude will tell. He made us understand that we all have the power to choose a more constructive and positive attitude or we choose to live with a negative one which will yield negative results over time.

At times, we set criteria for what will make us happy, and when those criteria are not met we become so unhappy and start developing attitudes that makes matters worse. It is pertinent we understand that every moment of our life and everyone that comes our way will not please us at all times. So it’s our duty to keep our attitude in check whenever we don’t get as much as we wanted, so we don’t develop a bad attitude. The author urges us to build our attitude from inside out.

Harrell makes us understand that it is the internal messages that count. The negative information given to us by outsiders does not matter, it is what our inner mind tells us that counts. A positive attitude happens to be the first and last line of defense, so our attitude must be programmed. The author encourages us to take a Personal Attitude Interrupt to combat negative programming and protect the ear-gate.

To this end, Harrell urges us watch what we say, and the decisions we take for they define our life.
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