What 'book' reader are you ?

in books •  last month

IMG_20190206_123424_649.jpgI have been working on a business canvas model this week. I'm not new to business plans, but when it comes to writing your own out in great detail it can be mind boggling.

This is relevent to this blogpost because it made me realise that I should be focusing on the presentation, not just content.

One of the things I have found is that a lot of people enjoy small pocket book reads. Commuters, people who like to read on lunch breaks, and those who like your short reads are amongst a growing number of people who like pocket reads.

Of course, digital books would be great for this purpose to, but not everyone likes the feel of reading from technology.

So, I have put all my books into a 6x4 version too (apart from novels) and Intend to do more.

What sort of book reader are you, and why?

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