Another day. Another book.

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Second book in my series of photographing all the books I have goes to...


Another SF book that I totally love and read about 4-5 times.
It's such an interesting book that is not very well known despite being really good. I think it has a little cult-following. It's essentially a clone story in the near future after humanity somehow managed to destroy the earth so people this big family started to clone themselves.

The book has 3 different parts, each with its own tone and development as we go through the years. It's really interesting to see a new clone culture emerge and theorize if that's what would have happened. In the end, life finds a way but what does it lose to find it?

I guess you'll have to read it. If you find it in an old book store or buy it new, I think it would be a great addition to any SF collection and even the non-SF lovers will get a lot out of it.
I mean..SF is not so much a stamp of low quality but only the fact that this book uses science as an important part of its plot, right? But the story is the story. This has very limited new science so it might as well happen in the present. Would it still be SF?

Whatever, man. Just read it!

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Cool review thanks 🌈😆🦋🍀🔥


Hope you read it ;)


I would have to find it online ... maybe possible.