Rare Book of the Day - Dandelion Wine, Ray Bradbury. First Edition.

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Dandelion Wine, Ray Bradbury, First Edition.

And just for fun here's another great Bradbury. Dandelion Wine, published in 1957, is a bit different from most of Bradbury's work, in that there aren't many overly fantastical elements. Instead, it's a poetic and nostalgic look at youth in a 1929 fictional town, loosely based on Bradbury's own youth. Per Barron, "Much of Bradbury's work, whether in fantasy, science fiction, realistic fiction or even horror is infused with a pastoral nostalgia, and nowhere is this trait more pronounced than in Dandelion Wine. The author effectively evokes the transition of the novel's protagonist from childhood to early adolescence." This is the first printing:





More info here:


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