Highlights: What does it takes to make a deal? The worst and the best thing to do!

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"The worst thing you can possibly do in a deal is seem desperate to make it. That makes the other guy smell blood, and then you’re dead. The best thing you can do is deal from strength, and leverage is the biggest strength you can have. Leverage is having something the other guy wants. Or better yet, needs. Or best of all, simply can’t do without. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case, which is why leverage often requires imagination, and salesmanship. In other words, you have to convince the other guy it’s in his interest to make the deal."

-Trump: The Art of the Deal (Donald J. Trump)


Nice way to do business, let them come to you.

When you combine ignorance and leverage, you get some pretty interesting results that's for sure :D @onejoe

this was really motivational and the expert dealers take steps wisely to grow their business.

good info.thanks for sharing.

Confianza en uno mismo es lo mas importante, y saber exactamente lo que queremos lograr, si así lo hacemos tendremos éxito.

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