My STEEM book is the #2 Business & Investing book on Amazon right now

in #books4 years ago

My book, Make Money Writing on the STEEM Blockchain is free on Kindle today.

Right now, it's the #2 free book in Business & Investing.


Wouldn't that be cool if we could bump it up to #1? More people would learn about Steemit.

Download the book free »


Had an accountant, many years ago, who said that his worst fear was to bump into an old customer who would say 'I did what you told me to do'.

Well, I've read the book after reading the blog and, I've done what you told me to do! (Be afraid, be very afraid LOL).

Hi @kadavy! I literally just read your writing on STEEM book this week, and now I'm on Steemit thanks to you. :) Thanks for offering it for free last weekend!

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