FREE today! My book, "Make Money Writing on the STEEM Blockchain"

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STEEM book

It's been a few months since I debuted my book, "Make Money Writing on the STEEM Blockchain." I know some of you following me learned about Steemit from this book. So cool!

I'm offering the book for free on Kindle today!

I'm really excited about it, because the book is already climbing up the Amazon charts. It's #1 in a bunch of categories!


People actually browse these Amazon categories. So, the higher the book climbs the charts, the more people who will discover it. The more people who discover the book, the more people who learn about STEEM for the first time!

Grab a copy for yourself, and tell your friends!


Get the book for free on Kindle »


A wonderful gift for a crypto enthusiast friend who hasn’t yet discovered Steemit.

I have to resteem it!

You have to sign up for a Kindle Unlimited trial to get the free copy correct?

No, it's straight up free.

Hi David,
I discovered your article about Steemit on Medium when researching how to use Steemit. Thank you for the info! Do you also use Medium to make money? If so how has that worked out for you? Also you ask in the article to follow you and so here I am. I am very new to Steemit only a couple of days now. Just getting set and getting some content moved over on here. Please take a look at my page any advice you have for me as a noob here, I would greatly appreciate. Thx again, Misty

In my experience it's very hard to make some money on Medium. First, the writing has to be exceptional and second, you have to get picked by publications. Third, monetization isn't even available in some regions (like in my country - Lithuania which is part of the EU).

On the other hand, here on Steem (and especially since recently Steem Engine has been created) I can get rewarded in multiple tokens I can invest myself to facilitate the growth of my account. It's just there are so many opportunities here on Steem these days. And new ones are popping up every week.

And the best part is that I don't have to be picked. I can pick myself...

Hey! I found about this crazy website through your interview with Joanna Penn, immediately bought your book, and I'm so excited to get started on here. Wanted to give an article of yours my first comment. I think the phrase popular with the kids is, "Steem on!"

Hey Meg! Awesome! So glad you enjoyed the episode with Joanna. Thanks for coming and saying hi. Steem on! :)

Thank you David, Steemit is a real social network for all. I remember when you came to Colombia to talk about your journey and ventures. I follow you after read the book Design for Hackers, it was a great lecture.

Awesome! Was that a webcast with Platzi, or was it at Espacio?

I've wanted to start writing on STEEMIT, but didn't know much about it. Your book has given me enough information to get started. Thank you so much!

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